Saturday Sailing Video #7

A neat laser video

A cool video of the KYC 505.

A link to a really excellent blog post. Why is it excellent you say? Because it contains the phrase "For me the water maker has been like the flux capacitor in the Deloriean, I know what it does, and I know what it sounds like when it's doing it's thing but the how has always passed me by."

//Velux 5 oceans, CSM's blog

A really gutsy move ...

Sailing videos

The dingy racing season in Vancouver is now officially closed.  I was the PRO for one day and mark setter for the second day of the closing event of the year, the blue nose regatta.  The event is hosted by the club I work for, the Kitsilano Yacht Club.  Here's the video I took of the event.

I also found a good video about the sinking of the Concordia in February of this year.  The Concordia was a floating high school program that was run on a tall ship.  Man I wish I had been interested enough in sailing when I was in High School to do something like that. 

The start of the Rue du Rum race in France has been the major new item in the sailing world.  Here's a clip from the Anarchy on the water coverage of the event:

Social sailing days with KYC Lightning fleet

 social sailing days with the Lightning fleet at KYC are coming up. Come give sailing a try or check out a Lightning. 

days are: Aug 1st, Aug 15th and Aug 28th. 11am start with destination to be set by the people who turn out. Possible 
destinations include: Caulfeild Cove (AKA Tiddly Cove), Dundarave 
Wharf, Ambleside, the deck at Bridges (requires paddling past 
Burrard Bridge).

Anyone, whether you are a KYC member or not, is very welcome to participate, with prior arrangement. If you'd like more information on how to participate, email me at