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Saturday Sailing #44

Canadian's doing well at Miami ORC regatta.

The story:

The highlight video (with lots of CAN sail#'s)

Cool crew overboard signal light


Old footage of 18ft skiff sailing downwind in very high wind

Winter on Galiano Island BC

Galiano Island Winter Tourism Video
 from Pure Souls on Vimeo.

Saturday Sailing #42

Canadian, Nicola Grike wins RSX sailboard slalom event.  Her sail # is BRA1 in the video.  Nicola has trained at JSCA

Canadian, Paul Tingle is in contention for the world champion ship in the 2.4MR class at the ISDF disabled sailing worlds.



According to the BBC, Sails make a boat go.

Saturday Sailing #34

Yachting Monthly Crash test boat test.

Yachting Monthly is a UK magazine that has been doing a series called "Crash Test Boat"  The last one is what happens when a gas system is poorly maintained.  You can probably guess the results ...

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More big trouble in the Volvo Ocean Race.  Puma is dismasted.

Story here:

Video here:

Canadian open 60 "O Canada"