Saturday Sailing Video #7

A neat laser video

A cool video of the KYC 505.

A link to a really excellent blog post. Why is it excellent you say? Because it contains the phrase "For me the water maker has been like the flux capacitor in the Deloriean, I know what it does, and I know what it sounds like when it's doing it's thing but the how has always passed me by."

//Velux 5 oceans, CSM's blog

A really gutsy move ...

Cool multimedia coverage of 505 worlds

The 505 world championships are on in Aarhus, Denmark.  505's are a high performance dinghy with 1 trapeze and a large spinnaker.

The class association is doing an excellent job of providing up to date coverage on there website.
Check out the multimedia "Mash Up" on the event website.

They have really embraced the whole social media thing.  They have coverage through Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, and others.  They have tracking of the boats, with live updating from the race course, video updating, pictures, you name it.  This may be the first sailing event with enough info available to make it worth watching live as it happens over the net.  Yay internet!

Video highlights are also available from t2p.tv (Video on Demand sailing TV site)

Personally, I think I'll mostly watch the highlight video podcast.