Delivery to Port McNeil

The first trip of my little busy spell is the delivery of "It's Magic" from Vancouver to Port McNeil.  We leave the morning of May 4th and sail through the night to arrive in Rebecca Spit marine park early in the morning.  Then we have a short motor up to Bezley Passage and Surge Narrows.  Get through there at the low slack.  We are getting into lots of skinny little passages at that point, so we will have current to deal with for most of the trip.

We get through Bezley passage and then stop at Octopus Marine park.  To much current in a spot called the Upper Rapids a bit further on.  We are on the move again at 0330 the next day to catch the next time the current is with us. We ride the current as far as we can that morning, hopefully as far as Chatam Point.  Some time after that we will need to stop when the wind blowing against the current starts to create some rough water.

Another little rest in some little nook along the way and then we go through Current Passage as soon as the current is going with us again.  We might get through there on the afternoon of the 6th, but we might wait until the morning of the 6th.  After that we have an easy run into Port McNeil.  We go hove by car and ferry.

The crew and the instructor for the advanced course takes over from there and heads out around the north end of the island, out to sea for 150 miles and then back in to the Mainland.  A short over night sail back to Victoria and that's will be the end for them.

Here's a link to the tracker for the boat: