Saturday Sailing is dead

As you can tell I haven't put up a lot of posts recently.  I haven't been interested in posting a bunch of links.

I have decided to change the format to pick one video or picture that makes "Sailing Rock" and share it and perhaps write a bit about it.

What I want to share this week is the polar opposite of the current America's cup.  In this cup cycle its all about developing new bleeding edge technology to make a boat go extremely fast and accomplish Russel Couts goal of an event that appeals to "The face book generation, rather than the Flintstones generation."

Once upon a time yachts were designed to be loved, cherished and enjoyed as well as raced to win.  The video link bellow is an episode of CNN's sailing show "Main Sail" that shares the history of some of these yachts and has fabulous  video of the yachts in action.

How do current race boats compare to these yachts?