Thanks readers

Hi Readers

This blog now gets about 200 page views a month.

Thank you all for reading this blog.  I have enjoyed surfing for links to put up, and I have enjoyed some of the comments I have had from people I meet locally.  I have some more written posts and less video highlights planed for the near future.  I hope you enjoy them.

I have a great opportunity for two students who are interested in getting their CYA Intermediate Cruising qualification in November. You would need to have completed CYA Basic Cruising and be available in the Vancouver area for a 5 day cruise and learn course.  For those who have read Basic Cruising Skills, this will be a chance to sail with Gillian West, as she will be supervising as I upgrade my qualifications.

Thanks again for reading.  Contact me by email at: if you are interested as soon as possible.

Joel Taylor