Sailing Movies

Yes sailing movies do exist.  My favorite one is “Wind”.

It has a decent plot, an interesting story, and most importantly some of the best on water sailing action I have ever seen on film.  This one is is a must see for dedicated sailing fans.

The few other sailing films out there are not that great.  Charlie St. Cloud, released this year, looks rather lacking in the plot department.  The trailer does seem to have a couple of good sailing sequences though.  Unfortunately I think I’m just going to rent it, and watch it with the remote in hand and fast forward through the crap.   Here is the link to the trailer anyway.

The other big “sailing movie” is Morning Light.  Produced by Disney, it is a project of Roy Disney’s that involves holding trials to select a crew of youth to sail his TP52 in the transpac race.  It has lots of good sailing footage, but it is really a documentary about the project, and not a movie in it’s self.  I found it disappointing, but watchable once.

While surfing around for sailing movie trailer’s. I found this one. It is a documentary of how a remote island adopted windsurfing as an activity for its youth and ended up becoming a way of improving the lives of the community.  This one I would like to see when it comes out. 

So yes sailing movies do exist, but so far there is only one good one.  Share it around!